WordPress 3.3 Features



WordPress 3.3 is coming, and the beta already released on Oct 11 , 2011. even WordPress is not recommending this to production sites. and the official release is expected by this November

Site wide Enhancements

Site wide i cant see much changes from previous versions except the admin bar, the admin bar is well grouped and a search option added to the right end , Comment option is maintained as button with popping up count

Admin Enhancements

Admin Bar

Admin Bar improved to a poping up style , such that required clicks get reduced for a particular screen, personally i m not a big fan of admin bar earlier, but this time admin bar feel more comfortable as it is appearing both in Admin and in site views

This admin bar looks different in admin view and site view and the add new link on admin like this


and side options popup looks like this


Next major change is media to Media Up loader


This time media uploader equipped with drag n drop functionality and selecting multipple files by default. Imagescaling option placed next to upload screen with options to configure thumbnail,medium and large image size options

the browser uploader is not included this time and this flash uploader performs much faster than its earlier versions, IO errors are elimitated and allignment and placing made easy with advanced options dialog


 Here is the download link  Download




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