Windows 8 keys quotes and apostrophe not working or misbehaving : solution


Few of new laptops , mostly when shipped with pre installed windows 8  are showing some keyboard layout issues, out of this the worst case is the double quotes(“) and apostrophe(‘) key combination issues.

When it came in to my New Dell Inspiron 3543, I did a good amount of googling and even contacted dell support., I was not sure this is an OS setting issue and I took this as an issue with the “Shift” key or to those keys for that symbols. What I am experiencing is like , I have to press Shift + “ and for displaying this , one more key press must follow and when [‘] is pressing at the beginning it was turning in to some other control characters.

Fortunately I came to a solution which is built-in to windows, related to Keyboard layouts. Here is how to make this

Step 1

First go to PC Settings, for this Press Windows key, and Search “PC Settings”


Step 2

Now go to Time and language >> Region and language


Step 3

Now Click Add a language and Select English –>  English ( United Kingdom )


Now almost done , Final Step

Step 4

Select Your Language , click and Press Set as Primary


Now sign out your session and sign in again for the changes to come live


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