WiFi and how to improve your wifi Range



How WiFi Works

WiFi Stands for a Wireless network uses radio frequency waves o establish a nework connection. Here a computer with WiFi will carry a WiFi card ( or integrated WiFi ) which transmitts data in the form of radio wave signals with its antenas. The transmitted radio signals are received by a wireless router which in turn connected to internet with physical cables. the received signals are decoded and send it to internet from router and the received data from internet is again reverse converted to radio signals are send to the computers WiFi Adapter which do the reception and decoding of data for the computer.

How we can improve WiFi Range

  • Remove all obstacles for the signal, like tall furniture, un necessary separations, curtains etc.
  • remove all mirrors with metal coating , as it may reflect Radio waves and this way reduce signal strength
  • Place router in a taller position
  • Keep all radio frequency devices which operated in 2.5-5 GHz range away from router and computer
  • Keep router and computer antenals away from Electri lines


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