Whats new in WordPress 3.1


wordpress released its 3.1 version on 23.2.2011, even it was expected by december 2010, some major changes for its core delayed the release

Chnages to the Core is no that visible in admin end , even major  core updates bring more security and other enhancements to the overall site performance, with this and all the candidate releases, some of the major chanages are


Admin bar

like that of wordpress.com offers admin bar can be enabled both on admin and Web view ends, . this is incorporated in profile view page

the admin bar on my site looks like

Internal Linking

WordPress 3.0 Lets us easily link to previous posts with a good interface ,while creatinf a links the re is an option on bottom  termed Or link to older content

from here we can seacrh to all site content and link to them coool

more will feature here ….keep visiting




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