Whats new in Windows 8



windows 8


Time for Desktop and Laptop is almost over, and so forth conventional desktop Oss. Ultralight Netbooks and Tablets are ruling the world with much pleasing interfces and features with high precision. Microsoft also realized the situation and came out with th new OS Windows 8, with never before feature enhancements and flexibility

  • Windows 8 is designed with touch screen in mind with a metro UI from MS Conventional Desktop style.,
  • Windows 8 got high performance improvements from very step of booting, it took hardly 10 seconds to boot
  • Windows , for the first time is shipped with its Application store in windows 8
  • Windows 8 is much social than any of its predecessors , with buttons always to push data to major social engines
  • Animation and Appearance enhancements are never this modern
  • Browsing web is turned toa primary task in windows 8

and much more when you try


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