What is CDN or How to Spped Up a Website


Now in to point CDN stands for Content Distribution Network, the relevence of CDN is where while we are hosting on a centralised serverand bandwidth comes as an issue

ie. if the dataline to the server farm is delivering low data rates, traffic tothis server and from this server get delayed, and thus the visitors need to wait for a full page load , and obeviously they may skip the page and even dont mind to book mark

but if this is the case it can be overcome using mirror like techniques where data with comparatively heavy weight ( images,videos etc) will get uploaded to remote server farm of CDN providers and with their architecture visitors can access files from the nearest server and enjoy good bandwidth, and so forth a good speed

Some leading CDNS are

amazon s3,dropbox etc

Note: i admit one thing, ie. in meabi.com i am not using CDN as its hosted in our own server farm and i personally dont prefer depend on more than one team for hosting


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