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Livechat softwares are common nowadays a wide set of application and services are available today, these can be classified into 3

1. Chat from website to the software server

2. Chat from Website to a Client Application ( though or not through the application server)

3. Chat thet supports in house server and major chat protocols (eg. Gtalk)

Former two needs the website administrator to be online with the demanding server interface or on the client software, Final one is the real winner where it doesnt insist as to be online on their server or app , it gives us liberty to be available with leading chat accounts like gtalk by connecting chat interface to respective chat protocol

apart from all these i made a past earlier on Gtalk badge on any website with this we can embedd gtalk on any site , buth this is not recommended on a production site. For a production site i found the best one to implement

This got Plugins for WordPress, Salesforce like plat forms and sure for HTML Websites., The Setuo and bringing chat are so simple that we can make this possible in seconds and no further software is needed other than a gtalkclient, you can talk to visitors right from your gtalk

Start making customers from visitors from here

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