Wamp Server not Working on Windows

This troubled me a couple of times and i made lot googling, my problem was as below


This troubled me little and i made lot googling, my problem was as below

Wamp installation on my Laptop is not working while the same installation is working on my netbook and desktop with same configuration

All my systems are installed with windows XP/7

Solutions i came across

If installed IIS stop this

control panel >> administrative tools >> Services >> IIS Admin Service

Stop service ( change mode to manual)

and restart all Wamp Services

Change Wamp Apache TCP Port

change your port from wampicon>> Apache >> httpd.conf


Edit line

listen 80


listen 8080

Now click on wamp icon and restart all services

if this didnt help do the followings

Remove Alias Directories

goto wampicon >> apache >> alias directories >>


select all Alias directories and delete

Restart all Services



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