Ubuntu 12.04 Keyboard Shortcuts


Ubuntu 12.04 is a good pick for home and office use for the reason not just for its free but for its worrth sparing time on ubuntu interface. Unlike same distros ubntu always kept a distance in making things compalex . Here also the impact is not small. Ubuntu is beautiful like never before, from the very login screen it will grab attention. the best thing i found in this ubuntu is its flexibility with key board key combinations , Just look in to the following key shortcuts its worth watching 🙂

1. Minimize all Windows

Ctrl + Windows + D

2.Run a Command

Windows Key

3. Navigate through Launcher

Windows + Tab or Windows + (1-0)

4. Search Applications

Windows + A

5.Open File Explorer

Windows + F

6.Switch Between Applications

Alt + Tab

7.Show Workspaces

Windows + S

8.Resize Windows

Alt +Center Drag

9.Maximize Window



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