Ubuntu 12.04 bring windows control buttons to right side


One of the odd thing in Ubuntu 12.04 is that it replace window controls (maximize,close and minimize button)  in  the left hand side. to make it to the right follow these steps

You need to instal Configuration Editor from ubuntu software center


now open Configuration Editor and goto


and double click on button_layout on right

Arrangement of buttons on the titlebar. The value should be a string, such as “menu:minimize,maximize,spacer,close”; the colon separates the left corner of the window from the right corner, and the button names are comma-separated. Duplicate buttons are not allowed. Unknown button names are silently ignored so that buttons can be added in future metacity versions without breaking older versions. A special spacer tag can be used to insert some space between two adjacent buttons.

Edit this line to


done, Now all windows controls will be placed right, see picture





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