The Linux Kernel and Its Rolls



kernel is the core of linux system, it controlls Hardware and software of the entire system

Main Functioanlities are

  1. Allocating hardware on request,
  2. Execute Software Applications when Needed

The Kernel did the following duties

  • memory management
  • program management
  • Hardware management
  • Filesystem management

In detail…

Memory management

One of the primary function of kernel is memory management, manage physical memory of the system and or to create virtual memory when physical memory is not sufficient, and to manage it (swap space). By creating this like space the system will feel like more memory is there for it to use

Software program management

Linux treats all programs as process, it can be Fore ground or Back ground Preocess, the kernel manage how the system should manage the process

Hardware Management

when a device is attached to the linux system , the kernel need to communicate with the device to and forth. here the kernel need a driver code, for this 2 kind of softwares are necessary

Drivers compiled in the kernel and Driver modules added to the kernel

Linux system identifies devices as files, major classification of files are

Character : can handle one character at a time eg. modem
Block : can handle multiple characters at a timf : Eg. USB HDD
Network : uses packets of data

Filesystem management

Linux supports almost all file systems,The Linux kernel interact with each filesystem using the Virtual File System (VFS). This provides a standard interface for the kernel to communicate with any type of filesystems supported , it caches information in memory as each filesystem is mounted and used.

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