The Best Netbook Cloud OS

High speed, Multimedia redy , easy to Port Netbook operating System with USB Boot support,Joli Cloud Netbook OS


This was amazing, joli cloud was not a familiar name for me, and for sure it is not that popular amoung pc users. but after reading some articles i decided to try it on my netbook ( Dell Mini)

at first i download its iso image from joli website, here it is

after installing i went to

for USB creator for joli OS, and installed on my Windows7

after installation i run the exe and browse the ISO downloaded with my Free USB stick attached to PC, and complete the USB Creation for my JoliCloud OS

on my next restart i opt boot from USB and tried Joli with out installing it on my HDD,( it had an UBUNTU installed over)

From the first look onwards it surpised me in many aspects

1. speed , it got a good boot speed, took hardly 20 seconds to display login screen

need internet connection to go ahead, apart from joli it got a facebook login for testers to get in as guest



2. login to joli cloud took just 2 seconds ( You need a joli account to start with, , dont worry u can create it from login window itself)

after logged in screen seems to be tidy like this



Basicaly its a cloud OS and it is very much a cloud than a native OS, but it is clubbed with necessary native applications for linux lovers, its built on ubuntu i think, to ensure its versatality i tried SSH to my remote Linux server on CenOS and its pretty good to proceed with my admin commands, here is its calculator application screen



one of the most friendly feature here is its Run prompt on dashboard from here we can call any app just as of windows 7 start menu


it is my favourite feature

addign and removing application also simplified with the + button on left, screen shot attached


even, we can add applications with a simple installtions, added applications will be available under myApps

Native files of the USB and HDD files are available with the next button on dashboard


Nest is media, i tried mp4,mp3 and wav files , all played with builtin movie player, mp4 play back showed some lag , but it may not be because of Joli i think.

Sound Recording saved files in Joli format and sound clarity also seems to be fine, bluetooth also configured well and file transfer is speeder than ubuntu netbook edition

files are saved in Booted USB its convenient enough to carry our OS on the go


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.

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