Send Bulk Personal Messages in WhatsApp, Whatsapp Broadcast


whatsappBroadcastingWhile WhatsApp groups are popular ,  there is a tendency also getting popular, regularly forwarded messages are making groups thicker and lion segment of users are forced to mute such groups even for an year., These practices make groups of no use , and the purpose for which those created may not be serving in most of the cases.

But there is another bulk messaging option in whatsapp where we can send one to one message with the ease of group sending. This is not that popular as Groups and thus a rarely using feature. here is the details,Whatsapp Broadcasting

For Broadcasting First go to Whatsapp Menu –> New Broadcast


Now you will be prompted for adding contacts, add all contacts for which you want to broadcast your message


Now Press Create on top right

You are in to broadcasting screen now, Once you send a Message you can view read statistics by long pressing the message and then on the (i) icon on top, just as in group messages



Limitation for Broadcast is that , Only those who having your number in their address book will be receiving Broadcasting Message


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