Run Irfanview in Ubuntu


Even if i love linux some of my favourite applications still runs on windows, out of this the most frequent one is the universal image viewer software irfanview which i am using from early 2000 and till date it doesnt trouble me anywhere.

Today i managed irfanview on my Ubutu 11.04 with the help of wine.

To install wine goto

Applications >> Ubuntu Software Center

Install wine Windows Program Loader.Now Wine will install on your home directory as a hidden folder like


where /home/user1 is your home directory ( assuming you are logged in as user1, change home directory as you logged in)

Remember you need to click on Show hidden Files (Ctrl + H) to view folder .wine as it is hidden there

Now copy irfanview exe file to this directory and right click on the exe file to properities

Select the Permission tab

Check Allow Executing File as Program

Now your Irfanview is ready to run on ubuntu, enjoy


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