Protect your Laptop and Phone from Theft with Prey, opensource anti theft solution




Think of a situation , your phone , netbook or notebook had stolen. , this might have all your valuable and secret informations . Apart from your vigillence and legal steps , here is a great tool to trace the lost devices with the aid of GPS or wifi

PREY is an opensouce software by . capable of track from the very moment of action. it uses Devices GPS or nearest wifi hotspot to locate its exact location., it will connect to the available open wifi is internet is not available. The software itself is very light and need few dependancies and thus offer hazzle free operations all the time

Its action includes webcam based security by taking the thiefs photo, again it ll capture serial screenshots and thus helps the owner to trace logged in mail and facebook accounts. useful in a great extent to trace accurate. , Another unique feature is to hide sensitive outlook and thunderbird files, remove passwords and thus prevent anybody to look in to your contents. and Prey software will update on background without annoying the user.

Download Prey :

Install the package with Standard configuration and at the end of configuration it will as k for an account

create account

select device type and press create button, this will send an email to your email with activation email like below

activation email

click on the link and login to your account,the logged in screen will show your device in the box. from here you can add more devices and can activate it later from respective ones

after activation you will get a confirmation mail from prefy


Hello abhilash!

Your account has been activated in the Prey Control Panel. To log in, please visit:

If you have any questions, please check the FAQs at:

For additional help, you can also check our troubleshooting guide at:

Wishing you the best of luck,

The Prey Team


click on to login

manage devices

Keep your password safe

here i am using windows, it is also available for MAC , Linux(ubuntu) ,Android

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