Play local media files on your Windows laptop or desktop through Google chromecast


329780-google-chromecastChromecast the most popular HDMI streaming dongle is now available in india through flipkart and snapdeal.  To cast a screen from your Mobile  its simple as lolipop onwards android supports native screen casting, with which one can cast android screen and play videos using your favorite player , and on full screen mode your TV also will switch  to full screen mode. But when you are connecting with your laptop or desktop , solution is not native and is different.

For playing a local media we can use chome browser extension called google cast. Download and install this from the above URL. Now we are ready to play videos which are supported by google chrome., if some of files are not playing follow Method 3.

Method 1

Drag and play any videos to google chrome and cast the tab



at the time when I am preparing this my device was not online, when the device is connected to the same network as your computer it will list there and you can directly cast the current tab to TV.

Now Drang and drop your video file to this tab, video will start play on this tab and on your TV.

Method 2

Using Videostream for Chrome, Download and Install this extension from the above link,Now from the App launcher ( chrome://apps/ ) run videostream.


this a chrome based player and supports almost all file extensions, open files from “Choose Video”  button, if your file is not supported use the following method

Method 3, VLC Player

If you are a fan of VLC player go for this one, Download and install VLC player for Windows,Now in most of cases VLC Chrome extension will be installed on your browser, if not install extension from store. Now follow method 1, all your videos which is playable in VLC also will play in chrome.

If you got some other techniques please share it on comments


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