how to use php list to send RSS/Feed items


PHPLIST , can be used to confugure mailing list to any number of subscribers right from your blog. this will bring immense traffic from the very moment you post your article. Even if the steps are not so straight , with a few steps we can bring our phplist to work for RSS.

First goto cPanel(or any FTP / file explorer) to your phplist installation

goto Configuration file


goto RSS Section

Advanced Features, HTML editor, RSS, Attachments, Plugins. PDF creation

Edit  this line


change to


Next, if you have set up a cron to download the RSS entries, you can set this to be zero(0)



Configuration part is over. Now time to Send RSS Feed content to Lists

1. Go to the list for which the RSS is applicable

Once RSS Source is submitted , the lists members need to be configured with RSS Frequency, for this edit RSS Frequency of all to any uniform values these values are



and …


to do the same go to member edit screen

If a huge number of members is there we can do this from MySQL Back End ( will detail in next session)

Now Go to Message compose window, the only things   to keep in mind are [RSS] plceholder and RSS Frequency to be submitted while composing

on composer window where you wish to list all RSS items place [RSS] placeholder, it ll be replaced by the list of articles on sending


Go to Schedule tab, set RSS Frequency same as that of members of the list you wish to send to.

Imp: this frequency should be the same as all members and all members should have the same frequency to process sending. if atleast one differ in RSS Frequency Mails will not sent

Now go to Lists Tab, Select List , and Send finally Processs Queue. RSS contents  Will be in inboxes shortly


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