Nokia N73, More than a phone, Multimedia cum Pocket internet

In the early 2008 i replaced my motorola razer with the fantastic nokia n73 the leading multimedia cum smartphone of that time

It was shipped with a beautiful case with charger,headset,datacable and a series of leaflets and operation manual

operating system s symbian s60 , even a bit slow it was packed with almost all software suits to serve from layman users to advanced users

Let us start from the key pad
the numeric keypad s good but not the best, it has a flat level keypad,keys get overlap because of this flat and close nature

In addtion to basic keys it has a music key,edit ,menu,and a cancel key sourrounded to basic key set

One push to talk on left,media,camera,volume keys on right made it so easy to operate

Navigation keys joystic and power buttton is in addition

Its joystic is the ugly part i felt

3.2 megapixel camera performed well with its interface software for pixel clarity but this camera software is dead slow and thus we cant predict what will be on the snap if we shot on a moving object, its that weavery

The built in edit suit and frames adds impression

Mine is a music series device and the performance on media and radio is exceptional even loudness is limited

Good , and i tried only a few

The best headset i ever had carry a navigation block on mid so we can change track from there, like music controls on steering of a car

The best feature of n73 in my opinion
Maximum speed on all network, while comparisson s with motorola razer,nokia 6233,sonyericsson k750i etc..mostly i was in edge limits and i m getting good speed even on the go

Sound recording
Limited to 1 minute, dont know why this on a device like this

Good and not best

Real player
good but not well wit youtube

Fantastic, snaptu and gmail smoooth

Stereo speakers
Beyond words , stereo widening s awesome

Good enough to read sms with out scroll

And screen also is of good color depth

Camera flash is fine enough to shoot at night

Bluetooth is not consuming battery visibly

With multimedia too it s delivering 1 to 2 days

Office documents
Supports almost all file formats

Good quality, can be use to charge up to 24 hours continuously


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.


    • yes , E63 and & 71 r differ in functional area yet both r from same company tht i mean, also E63 carry good sound quality with poor camera, but its QWERTY is awesome even blackberry cant beat

  • Balack Berry is the last word for Business phone in the world till the date.even am using all my company VPN,Domain,Exchange server all functions on my old BB8530 .by 2011 Nokia will come with E7 to beat up with 680 Mhz processor ..Also N8 gud function it can meet all business requirement. other thing we all forget about samsung they already with 1 GHz processor

  • now all N Series ARM RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Chips) Using. in Nokia N8 & E7 ARM 11 680 Mhz processor with graphic accelerator using. Also Symbian accrued by nokia so am not thinking OS change

    • one of my friend in intel told me abt this processor, but as symbian s now opensource i also dont think they ll go 4 an OS Change.,

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