Nokia Laptop Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop | nokia netbook with GPS Nokia Booklet 3G

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Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop ,is powered with Intel Atom processor

OS: Windows

Battery life : 12 hours

Display : 10.1-inch HD display (it has an HDMI port for HD video out).

Weight 1 KG to ensure it’s extremely portable.

Connecting at speed is crucial with a product of this nature, so the Booklet 3G has been designed with fast downloading and uploading front of mind – it’s 3G/HSPA ready for rapid mobile broadband anywhere

access on the move. Wi-Fi has also been wedged into it’s slim body. Plus, it supports hot-swappable SIM card functionality.

Also featuring onboard assisted-GPS with Ovi Maps neatly sat in the passenger seat. There’s a single front-facing camera nestled above the 10.1-inch HD screen for video chat, with Bluetooth and a built-in SD card reader also making appearances.


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