Nokia E series Phone Remote Locking


I tried this Fantastic Feature with my Nokia E63 Smartphone

This feature enable us to lock the phone remotely with just an SMS to this phone, which is configured for Locking the phone with the lock code of the device

Steps are as follows

Menu > Tools > SettingsĀ  > General > Security > Phone and SIM card > Allow Remote Lock =Yes

this will ask Lock code followed by Lock Message

Enter and confirm Lock Message

say if Lock Message is ‘LOCK ME’ you can lock the phone by lust compose an SMS to this phone from any number

Once Message ‘LOCK ME’ realized on this phone it ll get locked and to unlock the user should know the Phone Lock code


  1. It can be do for all other Symbian phones. By software called F-Secure.. Its give you more than lock like

    Deleting of all content

    you can lock Remotely

    If SIM Changed You will get new sim details with GPS informations also its free and available in ovi store by noika


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