nimbuzz multi service chat and microblogging

use instant messaging and micro blogging networks at one place

for those who maintaining accounts in various networks facing

difficulty in logging into various accounts regularly and managing account credentials

the slogon of nimbuzz itself is mobile freedom, even a desktop version too is available tmobile versions reaching more users

with nimbuzz we can club two or more online services regardless instant messaging, social network, or micro blogging

the key advantage lays where we dont need to login to separate accounts individually, wow!

its all in one message tab includes,
new message
send a file
send from camera
and a lot more including online gallery

also while you are in nimbuzz and if your device have no multitasking support you may use its phone tab to make calls from ur SIM,same time it we have nimbuzz voip credits we can call to any country with their tariff

its chat window unions all recent chats with last line conversations,sure we can delete this as a whole or separately

and if you are having a skype credit insted of nimbuzz you may easily switch in to it from accounts >VOip provider

also what impressed me lot is , while nimbuzz (for my nokia) s running in background, whenever one chat occurs it popup as a decent window from where we can switch to nimbuzz or cancel if we are busy

social networking integration includes facebook and myspace for the timebeing and i didnt tried both yet

when in to twitter it scored in my review its super fast and brilliant with new tweet ring notification, and is freezeless, it s displaying timeline,mentions, direct messages in a top to bottom manner, this s bit difficult if it also did in a tabbed manner it will accure more tweeples
upon clicking a tweet popup menu includes reply,retweet,profiles,favourite

here some optios are missing while its from nimbuzz we expect more

add to group/remove,add tolist,follow/unfollow author

but not bad

also search is only for tweets, find people is missing , we need another app or web to find people,

inline image support is missing,

all links open in browser, if images atleast from twitpic,yfrog,tweetphoto opens in nimbuzz tab users will stay with nimbuzz once get out to a browser they may go anywhere with links

but some how if we are into gtalk and need to be in touch with twitter nimbuzz is the best

in nimbuzz only i found the intimation for the person when start typing on other end just like gtalk, amd ofcourse it supports inline text chats

finally when i tried gtalk call on a 3g network it worked smoother than that of a pc, i felt lke calling from a mobile, earlier i tried fring for the same but for me nimbuzz was good

you may follow nimbuzz at twitter


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.

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