10 must have Google chrome extensions from Google

Google chrome is the most frequently opened app in major desktop OS s and one of the most favorite app in all major mobile platforms. While in to desktops where things are bit different from mobile screens , if we customize chrome with little add-ons , we can easily increase productivity on chrome browsing, here is a list which I feel useful in my day to day experience with chrome , and you can be sure of the security as these all are offered by Google Itself.

  1. Google Keep
  2. Google Similar pages
  3. Save to google Drive
  4. Personal Block list
  5. Chrome to Mobile
  6. Google Search by Image
  7. Highlight to Search
  8. Google Calendar extension
  9. Google Bookmark manager
  10. Google data saver

Google Keep

google keep

Keep is being used by a lot these days , for its simplicity , and more its from google and id attached to very ones google account. Keep was there in my mobile and desktop from the very day its launched and its organised in a tiles manner for easy viewing and indexing , The latest extension from google for Keep indicates google is listening to keep and lets hope google will maintain Keep for long. Earlier there was an app and is still there with which we can create a quick launch icon to input in to google and to view our notes, any how i am not a great fan of that laggy app and sure, this time this extension with minor bugs only can be recommended over the former for bookmarking a site or to add simple note while we are on a serious website or social media

The best part is , we can either send highlighted text, Image or the current page itself to Keep from the context menu

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Google Similar pages

similar pages


Google similar pages is a helpful extension when we are in research for a particular topic, Apart from googling again and again it will show us list of similar sites in just a single click that too in an un disturbing popup style, the best thing is that this will not invite you to a next tab at least.


Save to Google Drive

Save to google drive is nothing but a similar extension like google keep, where you can directly push images , links to google drive from with in page via context menu

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Personal Block list



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