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imageLivefyre is a real-time commenting platform built on XMPP, the same technology that GChat and Jabber are built on, that takes the static comment section at the bottom of your blog post or article and turns it into a dynamic conversation. Each comment that is left on that blog post or article will appear in real-time, not after refreshing the page or clicking to see new updates. We also feature in-comment social mentioning, which allows you to bring your friends for Facebook and Twitter into the conversation via a wall post or tweet, as well as the ability to share your individual comments on Facebook and Twitter for your entire social network to see.


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Replace your static comment section with a live stream of comments,
images, and video. Built on chat technology, Livefyre brings the most
engaging live conversations right to your content.

Users who are interested in topics you write about are notified when you
post new content. Your conversations are also listed in our real-time search,
and are built for SEO.

User reputation filters, one-click comment blocking, and on-page real-time
moderation give you the highest quality comments. Even add multiple
moderators for your site.

Game mechanics keep your readers engaged and eager to participate.
Livefyre lets users connect with each other and create strong relationships
around your content.

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