Mobile phone Works in Dry cell ( AA Battery)

in simple this is a phone works in standard AA Battery


One of the main unsorted issue with mobile phone industry is its Battery life, almost all low , middle and high end mobile phones depends on rechargable batteries which need an AC adapeter atleast once in 3 days ( for low end models) , for those use touchpads and Megapixel cameras AC Adapter is a must to carry along with all the time. Though all these things are innovative and mobilize things to save time, many of us forget prime functionality of phone,ie its mainly designed to make calls , rest all are extra in all sense, Extra functionalities will reduce talk time and we may be in trouble where ther e is No AC adapter for the phone for next charging

Here is the Solution Phone Works with a AA Drycell, Forget your AC Adapter forever,SpareOne



in simple this is a phone works in standard AA Battery


¬†With this phone No AC Adapter needed as it Runs on Normal Drycell ( AA Battery ),The manufaturer claiming 10 Hrs of talk time that too from a single AA Battery, as it doent have any luxuary features like music camera etc…


Simple to Use for Both for Elder onces and childs


  • Insert SIM
  • Add Battery
  • Phone ready!!!!


This phone Comes with a built in Torch

Product Pack


Little More…

The phone is too light weight to carry with no fancy features, and will help you to make call when it need the most, with out the SIM Card you can call Emergency


priced between $20 and $50


Expected to be on Market By 2012 March



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