Mobile Credit Card- Pay your bills with mobile phone



Time to throw credit card swiping machines, no need to carry credi cards while there is a mobile app to carry all your accounts and showing this phone to a detector in any shop will make payments for you just as of credit card payments

Mobile Credit card is launched by CIBC in association with Rogers and Blackberry

CIBC with Rogers launched a solution in canada for paying bills with Mobile phones ( mobile credit card ) in place of Creditcards. For this they used a blackberry NFC( Near field Communication) enabled mobile phone. This is a selected modela and more models are expecting in next test run says

This new way to pay will be available to CIBC credit card clients using a Rogers smartphone, allowing them to pay for coffee, groceries, and other everyday purchases simply by holding their smartphone up to one of the tens of thousands of contactless payment terminals at merchants across Canada.

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