Micosoft office cloud version (office 365)


MS office is struggling with google app where they offer a much
finished web version of the suit that microsoft is giving with ms
office pack

Another reason for stagnating ms office is its cost and formalities
and procedures shipped n default

Again installations may corrupt on the run and support is a must
factor on the run

Updates ,’customer need to do and this too require an above average admin skill

As a clubed result of all these mocrosoft realized the need of cloud
version of office and bought it this october

The package is called ‘office 365’
This is initially supported by almost all leading browsers and mobile
devices and initially free and microsoft planned a subscription based
access by next year

Now benefits comes with are

1. No installation needed
2. Os/device independant
3.easy mailing
4.better security
5.cost effective
6.easy file sharing
7.updated version for always
8.less bugs
9.good performance



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