Media Player for Linux , Replacement for Windows Media Player and Winamp


Playing Media in Linux is always a second battle after complex installation steps and most of the Linux Users getrid of linux Just because of this reason as Multimedia is that much importance in nowadays computing

winamp5rc8_imageFrom the very beginning of PC operating systems, Windows shipped with its beautiful media player and they kept working on media player to improve from version to versions, at the same time even media player has mp3 support its playlist management is not much friendly and there nullsoft made their entry with the everbest music player for windows , it is nothing but winamp, the mp3 playing standard for MS windows over media player

at the initial stage winamp was a commercial ware but didnt stop functioning after trial period , but shows a decent prompt for registration, to stand with media player, and sure because they dont want to loose their users , it worked and next winamp versions came as freeware and it really hit the market., now winamp having more file supports like video,divx and lot more plugins to enhance with

back to our point, the above al are windows specific aplication and dont have a linux variant so far, but linux have some winamp clones(xmms) and media player clones(mplayer) but none was upto the mark

Linux almost all distros doesnt have any mediaplayer comaptible to handle videos and music files this smooth

after a lot of googling i reached Video Lan Project and installed their stunning VLC player on my Fedora 12 Linux Laptop , it was smooth from the installation , the installation is posted in this website one month back

default installation is powerful enough to play all media extensions but interface wise it cannot touch winamp and mp3 playing is again a lengthy practise and again my search aimed making VLC a user friendly one

and downloaded Skin set for VLC from


this VLC can be easily customized to Winamp moden by selecting the Winamp Skin

and All key Combinations have to be changed accordingly



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