Mandriva 2010 a real Magical Experience


undoubtfully Linux is stepping towards PC users from beginners to advanced users., myself i am a great fan of Redhat flavours escpecially Fedora,Redhat.

Recently i happen to see Mandriva 2009 spring with one of My PC Quest DVD and it impressed me a lot, later when i got my December 2009 Linux For You with Mandriva 2010 , 2010  had changed a lot from its former release  .,  Mandriva 2010 maintain its dignity from the very moment of installation. with cool start up towards its elegant welcome screen and slideshow based installation is fantastic , upto Partitios it all were smooth and then the installation drilled in to a complex partitioning screen ( little bit only) and after this Mandriva returned to its friendly onscreen instructions with slides

Package selection and user configurationa all are better than ever before and it ends in half an hour and rebooted for its first load….

Magic touch begins from here

it make me feel Linux is turned towards Desktop PC users for the first time (rellay), both GNOME and KDE are customized for the best  but personally i prefer GNOME (KDE too is the same good).

Mandriva 2010 is shipped with plenty of software than any other  distribution


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