Make your firefox Look and work like chrome



Among the popular web browsers in market, IE leads all above and competition get tight between Firefox and chrome. between 2 chrome shows a steady growth according to , while firefox not reaching the mark from 2009 july to 2010 july



  • Blue = IE
  • Orange = Firefox


  • Green = Chrome


Lets examine why chrome is this fast growing at the same time others drastically fall down. The main thing behing is its built logic, the code behing chrome made it load much faster than any of its competors, its least complicated and less confusing and more over pleasing all the way

Internet explorer is releasing bugs with all new versions than features, and ofcourse its new version internet explorer 9 works only with windows 7. and is heavier than older releases. One more thing its developer console is limited to its source view and rest all are useless for a developer.

Firefox whose position is targetted by chrome in near future made a lot changes in its new version for survival, and most of them will save firefox atleast over IE. firefox is for sure a better bet over IE and its only issue is its interface. as of many firefox users its interface is confusing for its new users and everything in its interface are customizable, with a little guidance with chrome engineers. lets have a look on the top portion of both browsers





here look at the simplicity of chrome over firefox. what and what are more in firefox ?. its just a few more buttons and this is enough to get back in the queue. But firefox like a good browser need some attention. For Users who need two sessions under google . nrrd more than 1 browser at a time and to make firefox function like chrome use firefox customization tool. with in minutes firefox will look almost like google

first cross examine chrome soimpliciy, in my attempt i observed these things

  1. Omni Search ( address bar and search box in same place)
  2. Load and Stop in single button and left to address bar
  3. Menuless Tab system

All these things can bring in Firefox for this first install Chrome Theme for Firefox

Now goto the portion above addressbar and uncheck Menubar and Click on Customize


on the customize screen it lets us to drag and drop buttons as we desired , see this video

,and here i placed load button and stop button to the left of address bar ( of course we cant combine the two to a single button as in chrome) and removed the google search box right to the address bar, now the top looks like



Again we can keep the bookmark bar permanent from here., here firefox got a cool feature tht chrome misses, a drop menu for all open tabs on right see this




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