Linux On your Symbian Phone , Nokia N series,E series etc.



PuTTy the everbest SSH Client is now have a Symbian Version !!!

Linux Administrators root power lays where linux differ from windows in command line., linux got various shells and protocols supported from the course of development till date., Now regardless from Windows,Mac or even from Linux Most of the users now a days using SSH protocol to get in to the Linux OS than of FTp,Telnet just because it offers rootlogin,Encryption and more over the Linux Shell as it is to the End users.v

In my practise as far i m sticked to Linux and Windows only , and while i am in Windows and whenever there is a need to connect to my linux Server , My final resort for the same aim will be PuTTy.exe , none other this was flexible and reliable for the past few years experience

Recently i got the Symbian Version for My S60 3rd Edition Smart phone and Installed . It Runs Perfect on all aspects

Its a Must Try for All Linux Gurus having a Symbian Phone

You may wonder how Ctrl Key Combinations Work over here

Just Use Right Button On your Phone and Legend will appear for Key Combinations

Also Copy Paste is Masde simple by the Select option under Left Key Click

Website/Demo: Putty website


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