Linux Keyboard issue with Lenovo 3000-Y500 Solution

Lenovo keyboard issue solution for Linux with Grub

It was strange when i tried about 3 Linux distributions on my Friends Laptop(Lenovo 3000 Y500) everything went fine till boot from DVD and immediately after boot and start the installation screen both keyboard and touchpad stop functioning

and then we connect one external USB keyboard and Mouse and did the entire process of installation and try to reconfigure Keyboard and Mouse from Console and GUI , nothing happened

then we go for a detailed googling and found that this is because of missing Keyboard entry in root kernal and did some change in Grub bootloader and reboot

things we did is as follows

While grub screen Displays

Select the Linux OS

Press E

On the Result prompt Type this Excacly

locale=en_EN i8042.reset

Then Press B,the System will  Reboot with Keyboard and Mouse Functionality,Now goto GNOME / KDE

edit /boot/grub/menu.lst

add the same line

( locale=en_EN i8042.reset )

at the End of line starting with Kernel….


]#grub-install /dev/sda<#>


All Set , Keyboard will function from now


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