Linux Change Default Desktop to KDE From GNOME and Vice Versa


This issue raise for those who is logged in directly to GNOME or KDE without having option to Change both from login screen,It can be resolved with a few steps

For the user convinience GNOME and KDE can be selected from the Login area,

the Default Login managers have option to select Sessions on the bottom ( i m dealing Fedora 12), any how if we set a users Password with No password the system will not prompt for selecting Session and default session will get loaded as selected in the last login with password or system default

The best practice to over ride this is to set a password for the user you need to login

to do this use a GUI console or Virtual console

and use this command

]#passwd user1

Enter new password

and logout

to GUI (Ctrl+Alt+F7) from virtual console click on desired user

and up on password propmt there will be session selection option below to login button

there are altername options from Gnom to KDE and KDE to GNOMe

these are as below



]# startkde

KDE will load over GNOme

From KDE



GNOME will load over KDE

Editing configuration files for the same is different form Distro to distro

in Redhat the path is as below


One more option is there to change default desktop

install switchdesk

]#yum install switchdesk

(as root)

after installation use this to make default session


]#switchdesk gnome


]#switchdesk kde


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