Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Favourite web Sites



Majority of net users entering the web with their favourite websites, some times it may be search engines like google or sometimes it may be social networking sites loke facebook.

In some cases they might go for their book marks or type their own websites, all these sites require a couple of actions like

1. Open your browser

2. Click on bookmark or type URL

3. Hit Enter or Press Go Button

Here is a trick( very simple ) to bring these 3 steps into one key combination

Take the case of, we can very well access google with combinations like

Ctrl + Alt + G or Ctrl + Shift + G or what ever you like

to make this first go to any directory ( folder) of your choice and create a shortcut to ( rigt click >> New >> Shortcut )



Now right click on the created Shortcut and open Properties and point your Cursor on Shortcut key




Here allowed key combinations include

Default Ctrl + Alt + ( any key )

here i select Ctrl + Shift + G

same way try Ctrl + Alt + F=

Ctrl + Alt + Y For

Ctrl + F1 for etc…

If you want to change browser for opening a site create shortcut for

“C:\Program Files\Opera\opera.exe”

Replace “C:\Program Files\Opera\opera.exe” with your browser path and with your desired site, and short cut as you like on shortcut key

Try this , this will save a good amount of time


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