Jiophone, Feataures, How to Use , Pros and Cons

JioPhone Keypad & Charging
Charging JioPhone

After 1 months wait, today Jiophone came to hand. Sorry to state , even jio is doing their best in devices and services , their retailers , in my case it was Reliance Digital , were not up to the mark. They hold the device for another 2 days for silly billing reasons.

Brief Overview


Coming to phone , this is nothing but an enhanced feature phone, with KaiOS pre installed. Display is 2.4″ QVGA Display. , Alpha numeric Keypad, Micro SD Card Slot Headphone Jack, 4 way navigation etc.  The main highlight of this phone is , it is the first of its kind with VoLTE enabled., This I reaslised on my first call itself. Call quality was excellent along with speakerphone. Mic too did its job well when I clarified the peroson on other end.


message screen jiophone
jiophone Message Screen

My device get activated in first hour itself, On activating data its firmware get updated, I am not sure of its file size , but it took around maximum 10 minutes for the entire process to finish. After finishing the UI changed to a fresh look  from the shipped User Interface.

SMS again is a plus . Delivery and reception is seamless, even though the numpad will trouble those who were used with touch screens.

User interface and Jio Store

Nothing special to report on UI. Basic KaiOs is just ok, Navigation , Shortcusts resembles older symbian phones. JioStore app too is bit confusing when switching between menus. And I cant find option to install a new app to my device.

Jio Apps

Soon after unboxing I searched for WhatsApp , Youtube and unfortunately both were not installed and I beleive they intentionally removed both to establish Jio Messenger and Jio TV and Jio Cinema .

Jio TV is working good. I checked some malayalam Channels , After few seconds lag , Its all sreaming well, Quality is Average while comparing to other high resolution screens


Short custs anre important on keyboard based devices , here is few I found

  1. Up Arrow – > Quick Settings like , Make Data on Off, Bluetooth ON/OFF , Camera,Calculator,Brightness, Volume etc, Not bad.
  2. Down  Arrow -> Jio Music
  3. Right Arrow -> Camera
  4. Left Arrow -> Messaging
  5. Center button -> Menu , Long Press -> Jio Voice Command
  6. Long Press * -> Lock Phone
  7. Long Press # -> Silent Mode
  8. Long Press Dedicated Jio Money -> Jio Money
  9. Longpress Right Jio -> Jio Store , then to Jio Apps
  10. Longpress “0” -> Launch Browser

Jio Music

JioMusic is good , but its harderto navigate through, Here are some shortcusts I observed. The volume controll troubled me a bit, but i finally located .

  1. Volume Up – > Key 5
  2. Volume Down -> Key 8
  3. Home -> Key 1
  4. Player -> Key 2
  5. Settings -> Key 3
  6. Change Language Choice -> Key 4
  7. Search -> Key 6


I booked this for 500 and at the time of collection i have to pay Rs.1153 which includes first months subscription aswell. Here is the confirmation SMS I received

Dear Customer,
First recharge of Rs. 153 is successful for your Jio Number 70XXXXXXXX.
Entitlements: Benefits: Free Voice, Unlimited Data (0.5GB/day thereafter speed will be throttled to 128Kbps), 300SMS and Complimentary Subscription to select Jio Apps. Validity: 28days
To manage your account with MyJio app, click on
Thank you,
Team Jio

From this its clear that

  • Data is not unlimited
  • 300 SMS / Day is the sms limit
  • I am not sure where there is any cap on voice calls

Change Wallpaper

  • Goto Settings > Personalization > Display > Wallpaper
  • Now select on Wallpaper
  • Select either Camers, Prebuilt wallpapers, or from gallery

Change Ringtone

  • Goto Settings > Personalization > Sound > Tones
  • Now select from list of tones
  • Select Volume to adjust Media, Ringtones & Alarm Tones


Add your views in comments , Will update this after few days of Usage


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