jiophone disadvantages

jiophone started distribution by october, even if it was announced by Aug 24. First impressions of this phone was quite good. Later when in to regular use I observed few cons which troubles a user from the very first day of this phone., Here is my Article on JipPhone Advatages.

Operating System

KaiOS , I must say is the major disadvantage of this phone. The operating System is badly slow on each action. From the very moment of unlocking,  the lag is visible. We have to press the * key for about 3 seconds to unlock the device, and I cant find an option to lower the duration from anywhere in the settings option panel.

Phone Calls

Dialling a number again taking notable amount of time. Even the search between contacts making surprising amount of lag. I dont know why Jio didn’t check these aspects before airing such a demanding device.

Apps , Music , Cinema

Apps are ok, but , navigation , bookmarking , Search are not friendly. One hve to be experts at-least with keyboard shortcuts to use these apps. even earlier nokia phones have plenty of key shortcuts to make UI simple.

Primary Camers & Selfie

Below Average Primary Camera , and No Selfie option, even if there is a secondary camera integrated.


2.4 inch VGA Display is the worst when watching videos.

Back to Home

No option to came back to the desktop ( may be there , but no where its mentioned ). We have to press back button ( Power off button ) as many times as many apps are open at the moment.

No Apps other than Jio Apps

The most strange and disappointing factor is , no apps like youtube , whatsapp, twitter , facebook are possible with JioPhone. If you want  you have to use its bowser and navigate to , again is not a pleasing experience with browsing with a keypad and with no touch screen.

Other Cons

No Volume rockers, No Mute button , No option for USB Internet Sharing , WiFi Hotspot , Voice recognition is poor.

Battery Life

Not impressive , not bad. Battery life is just above average , I am getting hardly 1 day with moderate usage. No Fast charging Incorporated.


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.

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