JioPhone Advantages

Even if there are lots of cons for Jiophone, there are few pros. Here is my first look on JioPhone. Now lets look in to the best parts.

  1. Price , Booking cost is Rs.500 and on receiving you have to pay 1153 , which included 1 month jiophone subscription charge of 153. getting a VolTE Phone for Rs.1653 is not that bad.
  2. Alphanumeric Keyboard , for those who were used to numeric keypads
  3. Battery life , 2800 mah battery is just above average
  4. FM Radio , One of the Best Feature I observe, Its not necessary to have your headphone plugged. It will play even with our headset with its built in Antena
  5. Browser, Browser can be used to Check email , Facebook, Twitter and even Google
  6. JioApps , Apps like JioTV,JioCinema can be viewed with out buffering , The display is definetly a con while watching.



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