Installing aNDROID ON NOKIA N900,N810 ETC


ImageYou can install NITDroid Installer using Hildon Application Manager, fapman, or apt-get, it should be in the system category. After installation, use the icon in the menu to install NITDroid, after installation the icon will be changed to an uninstaller icon so you can, if you want, uninstall NITDroid.

To install via apt-get: You need to have the rootsh package installed from the Application manager so you could run apt-get as root.
Make sure that the Application Manager is closed, other programs that manage applications might also interfere
Now open up the X Terminal and enter these codes:

apt-get install nitdroid-installer

Wait for the installation of the NITDroid Installer to complete then enter this:


Answer any question you might be asked
If your installation hangs on [Formatting /dev/mmcblklp2 (ext3) …] then follow the partitioning instructions here.
Enjoy or Panic, whatever you might do now you are finished 🙂
Reboot to get access to Android
Kernel Power for Maemo

kernel-power is compatible with Multiboot from version 39 and onwards of kernel-power
To get access to the Enhanced kernel for Maemo please make sure you first have the newest version
Enter this in the X Terminal:

apt-get install kernel-power-bootimg

Now either make your own .item file for Multiboot or let multiboot handle it automatically:

dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/.nitdroid/multiboot-kernel-power_0.3_armel.deb

Using NITdroid

Hardware keys are assigned as follows:
Lock switch – Menu
Camera(half) – Back
Camera(full) – Home
Power – Lock
Power(hold) – Power options

You will be notified of updates in Maemo by the means of automatic checks,
if you suspect that you have not been notified of the latest version you can manually query for updates by selecting Update in the Application Manager in Maemo.




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