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Its possible to Store data Locally in HTML5, the stored data is accessible by the application which made the data. It is much simple to store data in HTML5, I tried this on my google chrome(20.0.1132.57 m) and it took hardly 5 minutes to save my first data. hereis the steps

First Create your HTML Code

here is my sample code



<title>New Page 1</title>


function localSaveandDisplay()
localStorage.var1=localStorage.var1 + ‘\n’ + document.form1.text1.value;


<body onload=”localSaveandDisplay();”>

<form method=”POST” action=”–WEBBOT-SELF–” name=”form1″>
<textarea rows=”5″ name=”text1″ cols=”20″ onselect=”localSaveandDisplay();”></textarea></p>
<p><textarea rows=”6″ name=”text2″ cols=”20″></textarea></p>



Here What i did is created tqo text boxes

text1 to type and save to local data

text2 to display saved data

and i called the main function to save and display on text selection (onselection) of text1 – Green Line

Now the main part, the line

localStorage.var1=localStorage.var1 + ‘\n’ + document.form1.text1.value;

saves data in to local machine with a newline character in between. this will save the text in text1 locally and up on body load and saving it is fetched for display in text2

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