How to reset jiophone

Jiophone , (Click here to book yours ) is everywhere , Its KaiOS is almost new to indian fellow users. Here is how to reset phone to its factory settings

Reset Phone
  1. Goto Settings
  2. Press Right navigation key and Point to “Device”
  3. Click On ” Device Information “
  4. Scroll Down to “Reset Phone”
  5. Confirm and proceed , if you are sure

NB: Do this at your risk, as far backing up and restoring is not that easy.


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    • Hard Reset JioPhone
      First switch off yur phone , If its not switching off , remove battery and Press Up arrow ( track pad top ) and Power button together

      Now you will see a Settings icon , Press Jiomoney + Jio button together

      On the up coming menu select “Wipe data / Factory rest ”