How to register for DND ( Donot Disturb) on your Mobile number




A mobile user who doesn’t wat promotional and telemarketing calls can now request their number to include in NDNC Registry ( National Do Not Call Registry). These requests are sent to Providers.Subscribers can do the same vis Mail,phone or with email

1909 is the number dedicated to DND

To Register for DND send START DND to 1909, ( Calls and SMS to this number are FREE)

The provider will be informed about this request in 10 days and will be effective with in 45 days

To cancel

In some cases Messages from BANL and promotional offers from providers also may stop because of this DND Registration. In such cases to cancel our DND registration

send STOP DND to 1909 .

This will take maximum 45 days to take effect

File a Complaint

If more calls and SMS are disturbing you even after registering for DND , you may file a complaint to the telecom provider

The subscriber should retain for the complaint No. for further reference.



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