How to Monitor Internet Performance



If you want to monitor the basic performance of your computer’s Internet connection, you don’t have to pay money and install any of a number of third-party applications. The Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems include a native utility that will tell you everything you need to know about the way your Internet connection is operating. This utility is called the “Network and Sharing Center,” and is accessible via the Control Panel.

1.Click “Start.” From the “Start” menu, select “Control Panel.” From the “Control Panel,” click “Network and Sharing Center” to open the utility on your screen.

2.Use the map at the top of the “Network and Sharing Center” to see the extent of your Internet connection. This will tell you how many machines are connected to the same Internet connection and whether they are connected directly to the Internet or to a local area network that is sharing an Internet connection. If you see a red “X” appear at any point in the map, this means a problem has been identified. Click the “X” to view a detailed breakdown of the problem.

3.Click the name of your Internet connection under “Connections” to view its status. This window will show you your Internet connection’s exact speed, as well as how many packets of data have been both sent and received over the connection for the duration that its been established.

4.Look at the “Signal Quality” indicator icon if you are connected to a wireless Internet network. This icon will show you exactly how strong the signal of your wireless Internet connection is. The more green bars you see, the stronger the connection. If you only see a few or one green bar in the icon, this means that your connection is weak, which will have an affect on your Internet connection’s speed and performance


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