How to create an email with my website name




havent you think of getting email address like yourname@

there are a couple of ways to get the same, here I will explain you 2 of the most popular methods

1. cPanel based email system

2.Google Apps

1.cPanel Email system

Almost all leading hosting farms are powered with cPanel hosting panels, this made handling hosting related tasks easy to manage. at the same time cPanel offers a webbased email interface with atleast 3 web based email clients to read emails to the domain based emails that is created with cPanel interface provided with the hosting administrator

steps to create cPanel based mails

  1. 1. login to your cpanel interface
  3. login with your username and password
  4. goto > Email > Email accounts
  5. create email with required quota


once created go to the web mail interface

  2. give user name =youremail address
  3. password as you opted
  4. after login it will prompt to select webmail client
  5. most of the users use round cube as popular mail client

2. google apps

here is the free version of google apps

  1. click the get started button
  2. enter domain name
  3. follow the wizard
  4. after this you need to confirm ownership of domain
  5. after this it ll take up to 48 hours to get activated email service
  6. this email service is need to be activated from google app dashboard



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