How to create a Password protected Pendrive -USB Stick

This is the steps how we can create a Password protected Pendrive



With this steps the created pendrive will carry a single drive or more than one as we need

Now we are going for a single drive USB With Default enctryption

Resources Needed

1. A Full Pendrive

2. true Crypt Latest

Download link :

For Demo we are using Windows XP/7

  • Download the Windows installer and Install it
    • By default it ll be installed on C:\Program Files\TrueCrypt\
  • Copy this folder to the Root of Pendrive

Now Execute truecrypt.exe from Programs Menu









and create a Batch file

Click Create Volume

next >>

select Encrypted file container


standard trycrypt volume


Select Save file

let it be named locked on root of our pendrive


select Defauult algorithms and press

next >>

select size now as desired


next >>

will ask password



and format




on the root create a batchfile say mount.bat like this

start /min TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe /q background /e /m rm /v “locked”

the /min is to hise command line

on executing this this will create one more drive on the system for the encrypted drive

with a password prompt give the password when we create the volume



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