Steps to Port your Mobile Number to another operator



Steps to Change Operator

  1. You have to send an sms PORT <space><10 digit Mobile number> to 1900 Eg: PORT 9847012345
  2. Then you will get a unique porting code or UPC from your Service provider (current)
  3. Now Buy any SIM of Any Operator and Fill this Code on their Application
  4. Now the Number Will be Assigned to the New Connection in Days


  • The Current connection should be atleast 2 months old
  • balance Validity and Offers Will not be Forwarded
  • Payment is Rs.19
  • this is possible with the current state limits
  • Your Number will be inactive for atleast 2 Hours while porting
  • Post paid to Prepaid Switching also is possible here
  • After 90 days you may go for Another switching


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