How to add Music to Blackberry with Blackberry Desktop Manager

Step 1

Install Blackberry Desktop Manager to your computer.

Step 2

Connect your Blackberry and Computer with USB Cable.

Step 3

Open Desktop Manager.

Step 4

Double Click on Media Icon.

Step 5

Click on Launch Button.

Step 6

A New Pop up window will open.Double Click on Blackberry Folder.You can see few folders here. Music, Documents, Pictures etc.

Step 7

Click on Folder Icon

Step 8

Select the music and add.

Step 9

A new popup window will appear.

Select Copy with no conversation and Ok.

Step 10

After this you need to remove your Blackberry Safely.For this,go to main window.

Click the Blackberry Pin Number area,

Step 11

Select connection type as None.

Then Ok.

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