Google Plus started Pages



Just as Facebook Google Plus launched Pages for brands, products, companies, businesses, places, groups, but its bit different from that of facebook, google bring some exciting features to Pages.

Creating a Google + Page

go to your Google + account , scroll down and look right bottom


Click on this button to create your page,select areas Local Business or Place, Product or Brand,Company, Institution or Organization,Arts, Entertainment or Sports,Other.

to create a page click here :

Once created we can withch to theme administration from our google plus home page


To enable Google plus direct connect place plus snipplet on your website, create this from here


Each page got share to friends and lot more features to , Post to your profile , add code to website etc…

The main features and security aspects of google plus pages includes

  • Page can not ad some to its circle until they do so
  • page cannot send message to those who didn’t opt the page to their circles
  • Page contains both +1 and Add to Circles Button, the latter lets you getting updates and plus one button only increases the page fan count.


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