google Plus Hangouts

Hangouts is an interesting cloud service and for sure it ll become a video confererncing standard over almost all web browsers

Hangouts is nothing but Group video chat , in circles, ie. we can start group chat inside friends circle and this videos will form a queue. , this Microphone enabled videos play together in between friends and when ever one friend use his/her microphone that video will start play for the circle

for Eg. if jack, jim , ferry and marry are on hangouts, when jim start a question all the 3 rest videos will wait in the que for jims video to end, and this jim video can be the played one when he start to talk again


Behind Hangouts

hangouts consumes offload videosignalling traffic between clients rather than P2P in skype,Hangouts uses a client-server model for the video to come live

Initially hangouts will use the same pluggin as of GMail Video chat and later it ll go for framework based developments with webRTC, where this pluggins may not be necessary


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