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Google Now is a mobile personalized search application created by Google and powered by the Knowledge Graph. It is built in to the version 4.1 of the Android mobile operating system.. Currently, offers the following cards: traffic, places,weather, public transit, flights, sports, appointments, translation, currency, and local time.


The application consist of a Search bar anext to Icon based cards whih gives us result to show off



Traffic Card shows you the lightest traffic route for your target

Public transit

When you are in a Railway station or bus station Google Now will tel you next Public Trasport(Bus/Train) available to you

Next appointment

when you have an appoint ment google now will check how much traffic will take and when you will be able to meet the appointment with needed time


Updates you with flight delays and traffic conditions



sports updates will be live


when you are on the move it will suggest you nearest bars and restaurants


Current weather forecast



When travelling it ll suggest words for you for the place


For cussrent exchange rates with respect to the place you are

Time at home

Local time when move on


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.

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