Google Chrome Pros and Cons

I have been on the internet for the past few decades and for that reason i witnessed launch and vanish out of many and many softwares. Earlier while i started internet Internet Explorer was the only choice even if there was Netscape Navigator as a next choice. I dont know why i was not trying netscape at that time. may be i IE was too good at that time.

IE was a complete platform and i cant find any drawbacks as i dont have much experiments with internet, This was because my area of development was different at that time. I was an offline application Developer on MS VB 6 and SQL Server. after some years naturally i have to change my developments to IIS and Web Based applications. Here situations changed. and i need little more enhancements on browser side. and i decide to make a try on Firefox. It was a good decision as firefox is much faster and light in weight. the add on feature on firefox impressive and websites laoads in a speed never before

I was totaly satified in Firefox for a long time and used firefox and IE at a time , slighlty given priority to firefox. Unfortunately the enhancements and addons to firefox made it slow and firefox freezed many times a day. Then comes Chrome from google , a customized version of chrome(chromium project) and i decide to give a look on it.

At the first sight frankly saying i was not that impressed with its tabbed title, Nenu less interface . But time changed my attitude as of millions. Chrome got almost all features that i was looking for Here is my review on google chrome


Even if i also blamed the simpler loog with no menu bar it got its own advantages. Chrome is not sparing screen space for its features. We can see more portions of a website while we are on chrome unline others . From 2011 firefox and opera copied this style to their eastablished browsers. Somewhat safari(apple) too copied this idea. For those who were dead fan of IE may be not much comfortable with this interface but if we do browse 2 to 3 site we will come to a comfort zone for chrome


Chrome is Faster than All browsers. THis is not a claiming its a fact . Try loading a heavy website chrome will load approximately 20% Faster than Firefox over 35% faster than IE.

Multi Threaded

All Browsers are single threaded. Means when a javascript is executed it will give handle to javascript and when javascript returns handle browser start working.Unlike this Chrome is Multi threaded and each tab have its on memory management



Addons and Extensions

Thousands of applicatios are there in google Chrome webstore (

Tab Browsing

As Early stated each tabs running as separate process and there by its equally good as running on different browsers


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.

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