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Light Weight Gmail… GeemailĀ 

Gmail is a Web application and might be the most widely accessing web application ever released.Unlike many other mail services Gmail provides POP3 and IMAP for mail clients apart from its vibrant Web Mail client. The beast way to access Gmail is via Browser as updates are readily deployed in web applications unlike Email clients. and bad thing behind web mail clients is that atleast some of them is Platform dependant ones

I am coming to the point, a good number of my colleques are dead FAN of Outlook Express/Outlook and this made them stick on windows just because of this Application. This application addiction is some what eliminated with mozillas thunder bird but was not up to the extreme level, Specially when once experience Gmail on Web , minimum they would think to un install Desktop Email Clients just because of the beauty of delivering Gmail made, as Gmail Web interface got an offline version recently, read more here

What ever it is some body loves to use Mail with offline clients. Here is a cool application combining both these good aspects GeeMail, an Adobe air based software that can run on almost any OS s including Windows,Linux,Mac etc…




Adobe Air : Download from here

Geemail : Download from here



  • Light Weight
  • No configuration required, It will Configure automatically
  • Cross Platform
  • Can prepare Offline Email, and Gee Mail will send when Internet is Up
  • Quick Loading



  • Left links take longet time to load
  • Compose >> Address Suggession missing
  • Notifications Missing
  • Search is not Flexible


Anyway Geemail is worth trying , try it today


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